On Tuesday night, Greg Gutfeld held nothing back when sharing his thoughts on “potato-faced actor” Mark Ruffalo who pushed a petition on Twitter for MSNBC to “stop the white conservative hiring spree.” “How cowardly to cast divergent opinion as hateful,” Gutfeld began. “I guess they know their leftie dribble can’t compete so they smear other voices as evil to eliminate actual diversity of ideas. The Five co-host then asked who exactly are these “hateful people that NBC has been hiring? George Will, Nicole Wallace, and Greta Van Susteren. “Real alt-right goons,” Gutfeld sarcastically noted. He then took aim at Ruffalo for not calling out the “violent fascists on his side.” “Look, Mark’s not that bright,” Gutfeld continued, “so he… Next »
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In ageing Japan, even pets are setting records for long lives Not only does Japan now have more pets than kids, dogs and cats are extending their lifespans along with their ageing owners.The average longevity of dogs and cats has hit »
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