Whether NBC airs his interview with Megyn Kelly on Sunday or not, Alex Jones will find a way to claim victory. If it is canceled, he can point to his statement on Monday night calling for exactly that outcome. If it airs, Jones has repeatedly teased that he intends to release his own taped version of Kelly’s interview with him, so that he and his followers can dissect the NBC segment for the signs of wrongdoing that Jones is furiously preparing his audience to expect. In the YouTube video “Alex Jones Warns Megyn Kelly, Exposes Psychological Warfare Operation,” Jones tells his viewers that NBC fell into a “trap” when they came to Texas to interview him. “Even told them they were,” he added. “This is… Next »
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The one thing Hillary Clinton and Corey Lewandowski agree on Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and Hillary Clinton agree on one thing: FBI director James Comey cost the Democrat the White House. Lewandowski told British students Wednesday night »
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