T.I. loves to laugh. In an interview with GQ to discuss their new Netflix special Oh, Hello On Broadway, a taped version of their hit stage show recorded at New York’s Lyceum Theater, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll end up talking about T.I, naturally, and Mulaney recounts a story of the rapper visiting the Saturday Night Live writer’s room. “He came up to the writers’ room on Saturday Night Live — by the way, no one ever walked up there — and just said, ‘I wanted to see what’s going on in here,’” Mulaney recalls. “And we were all like ‘T.I.!’ And Seth Meyers made a joke he liked, and he threw, like, five $100 bills on the table and said, ‘I… Next »
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Taco Trucks to Bad Hombres: 7 Times Latinos Figured In Trump's Campaign Remember "taco trucks on every corner" and "bad hombres?" Of course you do. When Donald Trump announced his run for the Republican nomination 15 months ago, few veteran political observers »
Without evidence, Trump tells lawmakers 3 million to 5 million illegal ballots cost him the popular vote Days after being sworn in, President Trump insisted to congressional leaders invited to a reception at the White House that he would have won the popular vote had it not »
Scientists Create 5 New Synthetic Yeast Chromosomes: Are We Closer To Creating ‘Designer’ Organisms? Scientists are five steps closers to completing an entire synthetic genome for yeast, a microbe commonly used in beer and bread for thousands of years now, and it could pave the »
Female health professionals at a greater risk of suicide, report finds Female health professionals are at twice the risk of suicide than women in other professions, according to new research by the University of Melbourne and Deakin University. The combination of occupational stress, home »
Panda's first flight: FedEx sends Bao Bao to China Would you want to take a 3-year-old on a 16-hour flight? Luckily for the National Zoo and FedEx, they're dealing with a panda, not a toddler. And Bao Bao will »
House majority leader scrambles to avoid criticizing Bannon Donald Trump’s appointment of conservative media guru Steven K. Bannon as a top White House aide has Republicans in Congress scrambling to avoid guilt by association without casting aspersions on the »
The Barnacle Will Change the Parking Enforcement Game Everyone knows that one guy that has a handful of unpaid parking tickets (and probably a suspended license too) and, if you live in a big city, you’ve undoubtedly see »
JAS renews calls for national crop insurance scheme Norman Grant, president of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), is renewing calls for the establishment of a national crop insurance scheme for farmers. Grant says preliminary reports suggest there was »
Calida Group developing skilled-nursing center One of the biggest apartment developers in Las Vegas is venturing into the health care industry.The Calida Group is developing a two-story, 65,000 square-foot, skilled-nursing center at 2855 W. Horizon »
Alcatel announce the Plus12 Windows 10 detachable at MWC 2017 Alcatel has announced a new LTE-enabled detachable Windows 10 tablet at Mobile World Congress 2017.The device sports an 11.6 inch Full HD screen and a hard shell keyboard which can »
Philippines crisis ‘transmogrified into invasion by foreign terrorists’ The Maute group confronting the Philippine army in Marawi City is no longer considered a local terrorist organization as it has been reinforced by jihadists of Malaysian, Indonesian and “other »
Trump in Letter to Comey: ‘You Are Not Able to Effectively Lead the Bureau’ Following the stunning termination of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday, the White House released a letter from President Donald Trump to the now former Director informing him of his »
Donald Trump: The Consumer’s President President-elect Donald Trump is not your typical politician, and that is great news for America’s consumers.The cycle of cronyism in Washington, D.C., has bred a culture of perpetual regulatory expansion »
Govt to give clarity on Vuwani municipal demarcation dispute An agreement to end the municipal demarcation dispute at Vuwani in Limpopo has been reached.Details will be released on Friday. Provincial government spokesperson Phuti Seloba says a meeting held between »
Nokia 6, iPhone's 10th Birthday, Lenovo P2, and More: Your 360 Daily CES 2017 is now officially over, and we can return to our normal pace of consuming tech news. Monday was a very momentous day because of important milestones for Apple and »
See how Starbucks plans to eliminate watery iced coffee Starbucks has a knack for bringing artisanal drink trends — like cold brew and nitro — to the masses. Now, the company is quietly testing out another idea championed by »
Censorship leads to genocide: After they burn the books, they murder the masses Leftist Democrats and the outgoing Obama administration pushing for so-called “’Net Neutrality,” which they claim is necessary because the Internet is supposedly not neutral at the present time, are really »
2 runners dead after collapsing in China half-marathon BEIJING –  Organizers of a half-marathon in southern China say two runners collapsed and later died during the event. One runner suffered sudden heart failure Saturday 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) »
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