Aussie startup Lingmo is farewelling language faux pas with an earpiece that can translate eight languages, taking seconds, and it could be yours within a month.Lingmo’s Translate One2One earpiece translates spoken conversation across English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese, all without the need for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Using IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding and Language Translator APIs, the company says the device can translate words “within 3-5 seconds.”But unlike sci-fi fantasies, this baby could be in your pocket by next month. It’s not the first time we’ve seen technology attempting to overcome the language barrier. Google Translate uses machine learning to translate typed phrases and even signs and menus (with varying degrees of success) into more than 100 languages, while … Next »
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Why Obamacare Exchanges Are Collapsing: Richard Epstein Talks with Nick Gillespie Click above to listen to a wide-ranging discussion between me and Richard Epstein, the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at NYU. Follow Reason on Soundcloud and never miss anything »
Dublin DART back in action following technical fault Update 10;50pm: In Dublin, all DART services are back up and running.Irish Rail says there are some delays following an earlier fault on the network. Earlier: In Dublin, all DART »
U.S. justices could allow Miami to sue banks over lending bias The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday indicated it could allow Miami to pursue lawsuits accusing major banks of predatory mortgage lending to black and Hispanic home buyers resulting in loan »
Indian team arrives in Rajkot Indian cricket team, led by skipper Virat Kohli, arrived here this morning for the first game of the five-match Test series against England, starting at Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) stadium »
Union asks Naivasha doctors to attend to accident victims Doctors operating in Nakuru and Naivasha have been urged to attend to accident victims and offer emergency services even as they press on with their strike.This follows the Saturday night »
The fashion world was rattled by the election — and you can see it on the runway NEW YORK — It begins with that most anodyne greeting: How are you? And then you see them flinch, or their shoulders slump. Heavy sigh. They struggle for an answer »
Sonos tips and tricks: Get the most out of your multi-room system Sonos has one of the strongest multi-room offerings out there. Its speaker line-up is not only plentiful, with several combinations possible, but the platform that controls everything is one of »
Taylor Swift is moving to London! Taylor Swift is reportedly looking to make the move to our side of the pond to be closer to her new boyfriend. Things are getting pretty serious between Taylor and »
Wootton continues its reign with a fourth straight Montgomery County girls’ tennis title The Wootton girls’ tennis team set out its goal on the very first day of practice in August. When Patriots senior Georgia Bartels-Newton introduced herself to her teammates before the »
FDA delaying overhaul of nutrition labels The Trump administration announced Tuesday that it is delaying an Obama-era rule to require manufacturers to update nutritional facts labels on processed foods. The Food and Drug Administration said it has »
Monsef urged to quit Liberal cabinet amid claims true birthplace has ‘been known for quite awhile’ OTTAWA — Federal cabinet minister Maryam Monsef says she was shocked to find out she was born in Iran — not Afghanistan — but political opponents in her riding are »
Shinmai headed to Uptown Oakland, with ramen and izakaya fare There's more food news coming out of Uptown Oakland. In late June, a 100-seat izakaya and ramen restaurant called Shinmai (1825-3 San Pablo Ave.) will join the neighborhood's bustling food scene »
Apple boss Tim Cook bigs up AR, throws shade on VR Augmented reality or virtual reality? Which is the future of entertainment and computing interaction? Perhaps the answer is both, but were you to ask the questions at Apple's Cupertino HQ, »
Russia Ukraine Conflict: Moscow Launches Land, Air And Sea Drills Simultaneously In Crimea For First Time Russia has launched land, air and sea drills in annexed Crimea Monday, in a coordinated training exercise, which involve thousands of troops, making it the first time in Russia's history »
IKEA's Swedish Meatballs May Be Coming to a Restaurant Near You — Food News No trip to IKEA is complete without a visit to the restaurant for Swedish meatballs. You might technically go to IKEA for the affordable furniture, but that ligonberry sauce makes »
Donald Trump Jr. Defends Skittles Tweet Donald Trump Jr. defended his now infamous tweet comparing refugees to a bowl of Skittles at a press conference in Boise, Idaho, today. “To me it was a simple metaphor," »
Seven islands to explore off the Brisbane coast Brisbane's coastal location means there are a number of stunning islands to explore within close proximity to the river city, each with their own unique personality.Here's a guide to discovering »
Living With A 17-Year Old Mercedes ML55 AMG Doesn't Have To Be Too Costly Purchasing a high-powered, luxury SUV at a very low price does sound like a recipe for financial disaster, but you could make things work to your benefit if you know »
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