‘You made me realise that it is great to be brown, even if we are currently living under Donald Trump’s false definition of America.”In my 36 years in America there have been few instances where I have laughed and cried so much watching a show about brown people.’Aseem Chhabra writes to Hasan Minhaj after watching Homecoming King on Netflix. IMAGE: Hasan Minhaj first created Homecoming King as an off-Broadway show.Photograph: Andrew Kist Dear Hasan, I hope you will forgive me for being so direct with you, but you can take me to be one those uncles you grew up with in Davis, California — although I have mostly lived in New York City. In fact, I have been in the United States one year more … Next »
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Putin offers Comey political asylum in acerbic remarks Moscow: In a sarcastic outburst, President Vladimir Putin on Thursday scoffed at former FBI director James Comey’s disclosure of his conversations with US President Donald Trump, saying the move has »
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The guy who wrote 'Logan' explains how Hollywood has fundamentally changed in the last few years (NFLX) Scott FrankGetty/Stephen Shugerman Hugh Jackman’s new Wolverine movie, “Logan,” is a certified hit, snagging a whopping $237.8 million in its opening weekend. The R-rated “Logan” is pushing the emotional boundaries »
Top seeds to take to court at New Zealand Champs The top seeds will take to the court on day two of the NZ Tennis Champs on Wednesday, after day one featured limited upsets in blustery conditions at the Albany Tennis »
Kellyanne Conway apologizes for kneeling on Oval Office couch Kellyanne Conway offered an apology after outrage at a photo of her sitting with her feet on a couch in the Oval Office, but blamed a “vicious” journalist for causing »
Here's how to watch the 2016 Ursid meteor shower The Ursid meteor shower can be seen tonight beginning at midnight until 1 a.m. on Dec. 22 before the moon rises. Ursid meteor activity starts around Dec. 17 and typically »
Beckham put MLS on fast track to respectability David Beckham sent shockwaves around the world when he signed with Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, giving Major League Soccer a level of legitimacy and visibility that otherwise may have »
This is the exact temperature your shower water should be, in case you were wondering There’s nothing like taking a warm shower to start or end a busy day. Feeling the warm water and steam from the shower is super relaxing and feels oh, so »
Electric vehicles won't depose stainless in nickel demand dynamics LONDON: Investors hoping for explosive nickel demand growth, in tandem with the electric vehicle revolution, could well be disappointed as any increase is seen as unlikely to change a market »
Obama to meet Angela Merkel in Germany, top trade partner and ally BERLIN (AP) — President Barack Obama is stressing a message of solidarity on his final visit to Germany — a top trade partner, key NATO ally and home to thousands »
Do something extraordinary for someone this Christmas .icx-toolbarpadding: 0 0 5px 0;One of the great things about being on radio all over the country is being able to hear what is happening all across the USA and »
Nevada Highway Patrol is first state agency approved to fly drones The Nevada Highway Patrol announced Friday that it is the first state law enforcement agency to fly small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — commonly known as drones — after gaining »
Royal Oman Police arrests three for smuggling Khat into Oman Muscat: Khat smugglers were stopped in their tracks as the Royal Oman Police foiled a smuggling attempt in Salalah.Read also: Expats arrested for illegal sales of alcohol and drugs in »
Pakistan Train Crash Kills at Least 17 Two trains collided early Thursday in the Pakistani port city of Karachi. An official at Karachi's Jinnah Hospital said 17 people were confirmed dead and as many as 50 injured »
Sean Spicer Scolded A Veteran Reporter At A Press Conference For Shaking Her Head At His Angry Gibberish If you want to know why @AprilDRyan just tweeted “Lawd!!!!” — this is why. Watch the whole thing. pic.twitter.com/qIfXznVKL8 — Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) March 28, 2017 It’s safe to say »
San Francisco police cut ties with controversial FBI terrorism task force The San Francisco Police Department is suspending cooperation with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces, or JTTFs, that have been accused by civil liberties activists of specifically targeting Arabs and »
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